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My carport was delivered on time and the driver contacted me as I asked. He placed the packages exactly where I asked. Thanks for the great service!


I have built 2 other steel frame houses (in Canberra and Bega), and Ray who has been a professional builder for nearly 40 years has built some steel frame houses as well. This is our first Mordek frame.

Your frame is easily the best I have done, and Ray also said it is the best he has done. He said it was “reasonable”, and coming from him that is a great complement. Everything is where it should be and it is solid and won’t blow away in a strong wind. I came within a hairs breath of major disaster with a Bega house when a strong wind came up and a brace broke. It nearly ended up a tangled twist of metal, and I did not breathe a sigh of relief until the roof trusses were on. I am not concerned at all about your wall frames, even though we have had some wind. We have the long walls of the living area braced and the garage braced and it is all quite solid. Ray has gone through one major disaster with a steel frame blowing away so we are both a bit paranoid about wind damage.

We put the house wall frames up in a day, and the garage the next morning so it went up quickly. 2 weeks, less one day, from an empty slab to ready for roof trusses, and most of that was me alone, I only had Ray for 3 days.


I would not hesitate to order another product from you – very professional and I am very happy with the product. I have nothing but praise for Mordek and would recommend them to anyone.


Thank you for your professional help with designing and organising this shed – The process was made very easy for me. I now understand why Mordek has a great reputation in the South Coast!


I am wrapped with the end result. Turning a lot of heads and receiving rave reviews!


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